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So I've enjoyed watching The Hockey Guy's videos for a long time, and I really appreciate him for what he is...  sort of like glancing at the boxscore with just a touch more detail.  


I recently found a new channel where this dude takes some plays/trends worth noting and puts it in a nice video package.  Nothing earth-shattering, but really enjoy his content as a fan of the NHL.  




There's also Jens95...  




What are your favourite channels?



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Only ones I really watch are Steve Dangle's and legorocks99 I don't really watch the videos but more listen as I don't much care for the NHL22/23 gameplay much but its interesting the insights lego discusses in his videos. Since I dual monitor I play the video in the background while I watch something else ;D





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I don't subscribe to any, but I watch quite a bit of the Hockey Guy's stuff and occasionally try out other YouTubers, but no one as much as Shannon. I especially appreciate his own appreciation for hockey history.

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Hockey guy is my go to for nhl news across the league.

Eck is someone I am finding interesting with his more play focus analysis.


LegoRock grinds my gears though with his hyperbole.

Clay I watched if there is major Canucks news.


Of course you can never go wrong watching Dangle after an embarrassing Leafs lose.

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Hockey guy because despite being a Canucks fan, he's also a realist. He's probably the most level headed guy I've seen.

He can be very funny and he has a quirky, wry sense of humour. I'm glad his wife is so supportive too.

You also get Bunnies or Cats so there's always something.


Clay is good, Dangle is entertaining when the Leafs lose yes.


I stopped watching Legorocks because I'm sick of his NHL 23 gameplay. And I find he basically throws out rumours and speculation.

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The Hockey Guy is my go to for league wide news. I really like his NHL draft streams and his willingness to admit when he's wrong when it comes to his reactions to trades and draft picks... particularly when it comes to Canucks but it also extends to his other favorite teams like the Dallas Stars and Boston Bruins. His game day recaps are great too.


It's been nice seeing Shannon aka The Hockey Guy start doing interviews outside of his channel. He's been a great guest on The Steve Dangle Podcast and it was fun seeing him Sekeres & Price.


Honestly, since he's local, I feel like the Canucks should try and work with him on some level. I feel like he'd be an interesting guy for the Canucks to do a "Canucks in Cars" type video. Either for Abbotsford or Vancouver. Especially since he's arguably the biggest hockey commentator on youtube.


Other NHL/hockey channels I like include:


trav4oilers. He's now going by "Trav" on youtube. His real name is Travis Ridgen and he's a minor league hockey goalie documenting his experiences living life as a minor leaguer. He's been playing in a bunch of leagues including Division 3 in Sweden, some league in Norway, and he's currently in the FPHL. It's a great channel if you're interested in what life's like for a hockey player who won't make the NHL. He's tried out for a bunch of teams too. It's a real peak behind the current of what it's like to be a minor league hockey player. He also has a podcast called "Slangin the Bizkit" which he was co-hosting with Pat Shea (former Florida Panthers draft pick and current ECHL player) that's decent too though it appears Pat may have left the podcast over the summer to focus on his ECHL season.


Kasimir Kaskisuo has a great vlog channel. Former NHL goalie (Leafs/Predators) currently playing in the SHL with Leksands IF. He was vlogging during the bubble (worth watching) and he still does. His SHL vlogs are super interesting. He's a higher level goalie than "Trav" and you can tell it based on how he works and talks about the game. He lives in Minnesota in the offseason and his offseason stuff is really interesting too because of his connections to the training scene there. His vlog is also a bit of a family vlog since he's married with a daughter so it's interesting to see how he deals with being separated from his family as they travel between Minnesota (his home state, although he was born and raised in Finland originally) and playing goal in the SHL in Sweden. A real cool inside look on the day to day life of a high level hockey player playing in Europe. I wish more players did stuff like this. He posts once a week. Worth watching.

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2 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

You're not a fan I take it?


I enjoy listening to people who follow the league as a whole. It's a great way to get insight on all the other teams if you're unable to watch them.

Lighten up I’ve posted 2 suggestions here.  Both of which are history alumni based, maybe your to young for that ?

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I think Parker's Pucks is the best for someone who talks hockey with some knowledge of the game...like a better version of The Hockey Guy in my opinion.  Hockey Guy is decent though.


Someone mentioned Pro Hockey Alumni.  Great for bite sized biographies of forgotten or obscure players with very interesting stories.

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