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Senators are up for sale

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1 hour ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

He has an estimated net worth of $150-160 million dollars. The 2021 Forbes list says the Sens are worth $525 million. Will he be 1/4 owner or something?


Theoretically he could bring in partners like what Dwayne Johnson did to purchase the XFL 

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5 hours ago, NHL'er said:

Buys Senators. Relocates them to Vancouver. Win. 

RR: Hi Dorian I'm your new boss. We're going to make some changes around here.

Dorion: Great what did you have in mind?

RR: Debrincat and our 2023 1st rounder to Vancouver for Brock Boeser.

Dorion: Uhh.. what?

RR: Then Jake Sanderson and our 2024 1st rounder to Vancouver, for Jack Rathbone.

Dorion: Boss you sure you want to do....

RR: Then Brady Tkachuk and our 2025 1st rounder to Vancouver for JT Miller.

Dorion: Boss what the hell are you trying to.....

RR: Then Chabot and Zaitsev to Vancouver for OEL and Myers. if Zaitsev invokes his NMC. Don't worry after the trades he will be begging to get out.

Dorion: <Dies of a heart attack>

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4 hours ago, Boudrias said:

The carrying cost of such an investment at $650 million would be $39 million per year. That doesn't include the arena. Yikes! 

There is no concern about carrying an investment because every NHL team makes money, everyone gets paid the hardest part is being accepted by NHL as the owner its like winning the lottery.


With the TV and radio deal, in arena advertisement and league reparation payments from top teams down every owner is printing money. So naturally any smart investor always makes their best pitch whenever a sports team becomes available. 

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As a front man, Reynolds’s would be a great asset to any organization. The amount of charisma that dude has makes Bieksa look like Allvin. But he’s definitely not going to be the money man as his pockets ain’t that deep compared to the billionaires that frequent the sports ownership world.



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