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[PGT] New Jersey Devils at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 01, 2022

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Something is broken with this team


The last two minutes we see that they know how to play... 

Why can't they come out of the gates with that effort? Even when we start a game 2-5-2 there's still no urgency. 


Something is not right in the room/group/environment...something 

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My thoughts:


We need D-men who actually you know shoot the puck in the offensive end. Far too easy for opposition if they don’t have to worry about one or two of the point men knowing they’ll never shoot. Remember Salo, Edler, Ehrhoff, Bieksa? They could score and meant the opposing team had to always cover them, which left more open ice for our forwards to capitalize. We were a tough team to beat back then. Nowadays everyone’s trying to pass the buck instead of taking the initiative: get the puck to the net. That’s it, that’s literally the secret to success and no one seems to grasp it on our back end. I have no idea why no one is shooting on our D, it’s extremely frustrating and leads to predictable failure.


Bruce isn’t going to be fired this season because we’re already paying Green not to coach. If anything changes (and it’s getting close to the point of being necessary) it needs to be a big name player shipped out. Not even for a good return, that doesn’t matter, more just to send a message to the rest of our players that your job isn’t safe and you better start working your tails off in game or you’re gone. Horvat and Pettersson should be the only two untouchables, maybe Hughes and Demko, but our old core needs a reality check. Then the new guys get brought in under that same lackluster environment and end up following suit. A never ending cycle. A big shake up trade that rattles the locker room is probably needed to light a fire under their asses and wake them the fuck up. This isn’t a let’s collect our paycheck game, you’re paid millions to win games and ever since the Sedins left we’ve lost that will to win and team effort throughout the lineup except in the odd stretch or two. I hope the managers follow through on their warning.


Special teams coaches need to be fired. We were good under Walker and Shaw, but since then it’s been a tire fire. No idea why King still has a job. Yeo was an olive branch to Boudreau, but I was always skeptical given his past performance with Minnesota and it’s clear he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Cull is also failing miserably in his new role. Our power play is ridiculously predictable and our penalty kill is ridiculously ineffective. We need experienced hands in the assistant coaches roles that are experts and have had success in those areas of the ice they’re in charge of coaching for. Like when we hired Malholtra for face offs. He was really good at faceoffs as a player and guess what? He was a really good coach for faceoffs too. Weird how that works huh? That’s why Shaw and Walker succeeded. Why the hell we stopped playing the PK/PP like Shaw and Walker had us doing is beyond me and head scratching to say the least.


Worst case we fail this season and get a shot at Bedard who would immediately bring life and energy to our squad so I’m not too upset if we continue flailing like we are now. Also, in hindsight Demko’s lights out play last season I think really covered up a lot of flaws and problems with this team. If he’s not playing vezina worthy goaltending this team is toast.


The frustrating part of all this as a fan is that we’ve seen brilliant stretches of play from all players on our roster, but it was just that: stretches, not consistency. That’s why I, like many other fans were optimistic with our team over the last few years. If they play at their best they’re unbeatable, but they don’t play at their best all the time. Until we get consistent game in and game out performance we aren’t going anywhere. I’ll still be watching every game this season and hoping the guys finally have that lightbulb go off, but I’m not holding my breath.

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