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[GDT] November 3, 2022 Anaheim Ducks @ Vancouver Canucks - 7:00pm PT Rogers Arena

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Will winning this game have any meaning except not being on the bottom of the league?


Seems this team isn't as good as the last 3 years.


This looks like it will be a goalie battle.


Will the officials give Vancouver the big edge in power plays again?


Players look like they are playing to be traded off the team, I think that maybe the big push last year was because they thought there would be major changes after what Rutherford said and they wanted to be more desirable to other teams.


They should win, at home, rested, desperate.


Anaheim wins though, the younger guys on that team don't know they shouldn't win. Win by a couple of goals one an empty net gift.


IMO a must win, as it is they need 46 more wins to make the playoffs, 98 points. 

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