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[GDT] November 3, 2022 Anaheim Ducks @ Vancouver Canucks - 7:00pm PT Rogers Arena

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32 minutes ago, 250Integra said:

As Don Cherry would say, that's a good Canadian kid that Kevin BiESka!

As a fan of cherry’s I hated the beiska lolongo references and wasn’t sure if it was a deliberate personal dig or a canucks fan troll or both or him just being stupid. which is why I choose this sig 


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As bad as the defense core has been, the forwards need to do more to help them out. The forwards set off a cataclysmic issue when the cheat for offense, blow the dzone too quickly, and leaving a wide open neutral zone or lack of conscientiousness in the dznne. Its forcing the dman to overcompensate by trying to close the gap and leaving a backdoor play, or forcing the dman to make asinine passes.


Forwards need to start showing up and stop leaving their dman and goalies hung out to dry.

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