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Canadian Government having balls for a change????


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Ok from a long standing view of watching out government $hit show bending over to the USA in things like softwood lumber and the tariff war, selling out our water for next to nothing, the Avro Arrow jet fighter fiasco (not recent but still) 

 After watching this for 5 decades, all I can think of is, not only do we have a government that's incompetent at the best of times and instead of running Canada like a business and making revenue that way instead of jacking the shite out of tax payers pockets to the majority of it. 

 Yes we do make some percentage but not anything like it could be. 

 However, in shock, I just finished reading Canada has ordered Chine to sell all their shares in 3 major mining companies here in Canada! I never thought I'd see that, why don't we do all that ourselves in my major question, what comes out of these three that we as a country would profit off is not something vague or a maybe, lithium, cadmium, nickel and cobalt. 

 Perhaps you heard of those! Lol 

 With green battery power taking a huge step forward on the world's energy stage the last thing we need to be doing is giving 2nd user end profit to someone else when we can't even afford to raise social rates to the property line and that's about 1% of this countries issues that have never been addressed because the same old harsh income tax base idea keeps us afloat but just barely and it keeps going up to where just getting by is turning into survival unless you make a 6 figure income which is dwindling as well. 

 Our system of the running the country clearly isn't working to anywhere near it could be but that's nothing new. 

 Seriously although our government is showing some balls for a change, we need someone new in and a new upgraded economic system in place. 

 We're one of the most richest resource rich countries, there's no excuse for this. 

 Yes it's been scandal after scandal over money spent by the government like it's water but still people seem to think, it could be worse and turn a half blind eye. 

 Yes as true as that is, it could also be a LOT better too. 

 So at least Kudos for once to them, I wish they'd grow the balls and brains to turn Canada into a economically successful country and actually drop taxes and not just little drops. 

 Wouldn't that be something!  


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