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[Signing] Bruins Sign former Renounced Coyotes Draft Pick Mitchell Miller to ELC [UPDATE] BRUINS RESCIND CONTRACT


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4 minutes ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

Over/under on how many games before he gets his clock cleaned?  :ph34r:

(Over/under on how many games he lasts before he's injured so badly by other players that he needs to "retire"?) 

Oh please, a fraction of the league is even willing to stick up for their own teammates, let alone a “random Ohio kid.”

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It’s the refusal to apologize and complete lack of accountability for me.


The actual bullying incidents, while horrific, are still forgivable IMO, if he were really willing to truly take responsibility, hold himself accountable for his actions, make a sincere and significant effort to apologize to the victim and help them heal and find closure, and commit himself to learning and improving from this.


Mitchell was just a kid at the time. Doesn’t excuse the behaviour, but definitely reason to think he could change.


(Well, maybe not him, but most kids have the capacity to learn and grow.)

However, his actions (or inaction) since the incident suggests he’s not interested in changing or improving himself, and hasn’t really learned anything.

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1 hour ago, Shayster007 said:

I also don't consider that statement an apology. He recognized he did a terrible thing, that's not making amends. An apology is contacting the other student, and his parents and making a real effort to apologise for the trauma this kid caused. I haven't seen any report he did that.

And the statement sounds like it was written for him.


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13 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

I gained a little respect for their fanbase there.

I'm impressed tbh, not just by Boston fans themselves but by the reception from other fanbases in general 


No idea why Boston management thought this would go over well

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