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[GDT] November 5 2022 - Nashville Predators @ Vancouver Canucks - 7:00pm PT Rogers Arena

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Same old story with this fan base, does not matter who's coaching the team, they believe they would do better. Seems to me most NHL coaches make game day decisions based off of who shows well in practises. Stiilman must be showing he understands what the coaches what in practise over Burrows and Rathbone. Podz most of showed a lack of understanding in practise. Yes I wonder why some decision are made, but we are not in the room or at practises. In Podz case it could also be he is nursing an injury and needs a day to recovery.  Who knows, but if we lose this place is going after BB's head. 

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8 hours ago, DrJockitch said:

I think coming off a win this team will think they are good again and only the EP line and Bo will be putting in the requisite effort and attention to detail. 
‘They need to look at last game as a disaster as from a coaching perspective that is what it was and come out to lock it down and goon it up again. 
‘Really want to see Rathbone back in or at least Stillman out whether it is Burroughs or Rathbone going in. OEL-Bear, Rathbone-Myers is what want to see since we pretty much have to play OEL and Myers.

I do not think that BB gave much praise to the team other than Petey's line and Horvat. The teams knows it was a terrible played game that was won by Petey's allstar performance. 

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Podz now scratched?   
This it for me.  
Fire Bruce.   
This shitty start is on him as well, and he obviously has no intention of development when it comes to our two top young guys in Podz and Rathbone.  
This season is trash, but he is still fighting for his job and doesn’t care about the future of the team.  

Sorry Bruce. Ive soured on you

Eat a big one 

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2 hours ago, PetterssonOrPeterson said:

Definitely looks like he's not really using all his qualities.


At least he was a big hitter/fighter on Chicago but for some reason not here? He's got size and shown tenacity before... why not anymore?


Another one of those recyclable defencemen we have. 

Bear comes out of nowhere and blocked 5 shots (out of 13) the last game and automatically leads the team.

Get the bottom 6 and bottom D trained to block shots. Put extra cardboard under their shin pads and get em to be like Tanev and Ryan Johnson go out and block everything. 

Get Ryan on them to coach HOW to block shots. Ffs

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