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The Canucks have been a disgrace for 10 years! And I want nothing more than for them to be a good team.

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2 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

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This kid has a future somewhere on East Hastings lol.   Ok mean - but fun with sugar!


This team's last hurrah was 2015...so a decade?   Not quite lol...2013 wasn't so bad either, just another banner type year in the regular season.    Let's get it right folks.  Our rebuild started in 2017.   And our owners, fanbase, management were all mighty impatient.   It's not making excuses for Benning (for those that like to say that when it's pointed out lol ..), it's a statement of fact.   That's when Bieksa, Burrows, Hansen waived to go to teams that actually had a shot.   At just a shadow of what their value could be. 


Said it then, been saying it since.   We could have Scotty Bowman coaching this team, and Holland/Lou/whomever running the show, this was always going to take a long time.    And that our best chance at contending again, is with parts of the core post Sedin one (EP/QHs/Demko/Brock/Podz ??) and parts of the one after that (think EP/QHs 5-6 years from now, best case, we'd be back to contending.   Would have taken a miracle to be doing that right now.     17-23 ... one playoff's with the last shadow's  of the Sedin era (Edler and Tanev) ...  


JB f!cked us for sure.   Should have never signed Myers or traded for Miller, rather set us up with an internal cap, and made sure we sucked for another two years before going that route.   He was off by at least one year anyways.  


Now what to do.   Pull the trigger before we end up with Horvat for another 8 years?   Try and get under Millers deal and trade him?   It doesn't have to take that long, we need those two extra ELC blue chip players coming up though.   Lots of good defenseman have been drafted in the past five years, at or near the top of the draft.   Only way to get them, is to put yourself in a position to acquire them.  


Maybe try a trade first.   Trade Boeser for Severson straight across, then management could see how we'd do with another top four D.    At least do something.   Not a fringe outside thing either. 


Edit:  Each time we've gone to the finals, it's taken that much longer.    The Canucks with Detroit and SJ, best regular season team from 2000-2015 league wide.     We started with Horvat and Sutter lol.   Wouldn't you rather have a Kovi, or Heatley/prime Hossa, Rick Nash to start with instead?   I sure would have.  Columbus and Atlanta, under the old rules of expansion would have been a better start then having to re-tool and wait for the Sedins to be done.   The time to rebuild was gone the second the Sedins last deals ink dried.   


Gillis.  Just within a couple years of signing all his guys to legacy deals full iron tight right down to Hansen lol, to save cap, told the owners it was time to rebuild lol.   Like seriously that's an about face isn't it.   And a contract is a contract.    Like it or not that window closed shut on our chance to do it back then.   And few of us fans wanted a rebuild, team was just a year away from number one and a failed playoff thanks to LA etc.   Locker room issues galore.   Too bad.   Believe all us fans are fine with a total rebuild.   And that part hurts a bit.   We won't stop cheering for them, or going to the games will we?

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7 hours ago, ThatPope said:

It hurts nucks fans.

I think what is hurting the Canucks fans the most is there never seems to be a clearly defined plan that we can get behind.  Management always seems to be rudderless. This we'll see what happens approach we always have is getting pretty old.  If we are rebuilding then lets rebuild, if we are going for it lets make the tough decisions and go for it.  I'm tired of the lets just try and make the playoffs mentality.

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4 hours ago, IBatch said:

Maybe try a trade first.   Trade Boeser for Severson straight across, then management could see how we'd do with another top four D.    At least do something.   Not a fringe outside thing either. 

I've asked this before but why would New Jersey do this?  They already have zero cap space so adding an addtional couple million (difference in their cap hits) will force them to unload a roster player for nothing in return (in terms of cap hit) just to make them cap compliant.  I don't know much about Severson other than his contract ends this season so if he's garbage, NJ can just wait it out rather than take on a bad contract that extends for several years beyond this one.

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