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[GDT] November 13 2022 - Vancouver Canucks @ Boston Bruins - 3:00pm PT/6:00pm ET - TD Garden

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16 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

I'm still here, hoping for good things to happen.


Let's go Canucks. Pleeeeeeeease.

Me too.  Every game I am hoping for us to win.  At some point Demko will return to form, and then we will win lots.  Maybe it’s today?  

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Just now, OldFaithfulCap said:

I walked away from Vancouver after the 2011 loss to Boston. Seeing those guys, boychuk injuring raymond and getting nothing, marchand getting nothing and then Tim Thomas not going to the White House as he's a crazy racist made me so mad. It felt like there was no justice, that Vancouver would never win and I felt that the Canucks gave up in the last few games. After some self reflection I realized I was way too attached, and that I needed a break and I did take one until this season. It would be beautifully poetic if they could win today and this win could be the start of a turnaround. But there is little justice in life or sports...

For us to win today Demko will need to be back in Double Bubble Boy form.  And if he is, then the turnaround you’re suggesting is definitely starting. 

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