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With uncertainty about Bo Horvat re-signing with Vancouver and the likeliness of a trade this season to gain picks and prospects, who is likely to be the next captain of the Vancouver Canucks?


Is it going to be JT Miller? who is quite vocal, plays with an edge and has been a leader on this team the past few seasons. Will it be Elias Pettersson? A young rising star who has more than just a nasty toe drag, filthy mitts and one of the best wrist shots in the league… He plays hard, is dedicated and devoted to being an all around two-way player. Or could it be a sturdy, hard nosed, bone crushing, shot blocking, open and honest guy like Luke Schenn? Who has been a voice in the locker rooms, during and after games.


I do have some concerns about the possibility of the next captain for the Vancouver Canucks. As it could create a divide in the dressing room and friction. When Elias was drafted, this was already Bo Horvat’s team, same as when Schenn and Miller were acquired. There was no opportunity for a divide between players. Now with the potential departure or Horvat, we will need to select our next captain.


Pettersson is the future and it would seem logical to name him our next captain. But Miller who just re-signed an 8 year extension seems like the kind of guy who may get rubbed the wrong way. He signed long-term, he has lead the team in points in 2 of his first 3 seasons. He plays hard, he throws the body and is vocal on the ice and on the bench, he may feel that he is worthy of Captaincy, to which he isnt entirely wrong to feel that way, he has done lots and is still producing at a decent rate.


JT Miller being named the next captain, I could possibly see Pettersson’s pride and confidence take a hit. He is constantly talked about as the future of this franchise and locking in JT Miller for 8 years and handing him the C if/when Horvat departs, would contradict the message from up above. It would seem contradictory of supporting, investing and believing in Pettersson to lead this franchise to its first ever Stanley Cup. Could this cause friction and divide within the locker room?


Perhaps a seemingly neutral choice, but a great choice for captain would be Luke Schenn. This is not his first time here, he has come back to this team on multiple occasions, he likes and wants to be here. He has cup winning experience, plays extremely hard, sacrifices the body, is well spoken and brutally honest about the team and takes accountability. He was also seen at the end of a period having a discussion with Miller and putting him in his place/calling him out. It would seem like Schenn is the alpha male in the locker room, however if there are issues between Schenn and Miller that extend beyond that incident on the ice and lead into the locker room, we may have another butting of the heads.


I see many potential leaders, but I am concerned about how selecting a new captain could come across to some of the leaders in the room.


Ideally I would love to see Horvat get re-signed, we should have moved JT Miller in the off-season and could have acquired picks and prospects to build the farm and develop into NHLers and inject them into the line-up behind the core to slowly take over, but that opportunity is gone and past so its time to move forward from here…


Who’s your ideal captain moving forward and why.

Is it Miller? Is it Petey? Is it Schenn? Or is Horvat still the man?



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My vote would be Elias. He isn’t a loud voice but leads on the ice with his play and heart, imo.


Miller would be an incredibly disappointing choice. His “leadership” qualities only show up every 3-4 games at a time. It would also show a complete lack of direction by the organization considering they were shopping him in the off-season.


Schenn is probably a good leader and voice in the locker room, but shouldn’t be captain as he most likely will not be here long term and would require another captaincy torch to be passed. Wouldn’t mind him with an A though.


Nobody else deserves consideration.

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I would hope our next Captain gives a 100% every night (including finishing checks), 110% during the playoffs, sticks up for his teammates, always, and holds every player on his team accountable. The desire to win a Stanley Cup at all costs would be nice too.

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Just now, EdgarM said:

I would hope our next Captain gives a 100% every night (including finishing checks), 110% during the playoffs, sticks up for his teammates, always, and holds every player on his team accountable. The desire to win a Stanley Cup at all costs would be nice too.

I think Schenn is really the only one who ticks all of the boxes

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I'd say just have several A's  for a bit until Petey commits to staying or Bedard is ready (One can dream).


My bet, as Management refused to see the gravity of the situation in front of them, is that they name Miller captain instead of trading him for the pieces they need to compete. Ie. Maybe the future captain should be who they get  in a return for a Miller trade.

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Just now, gurn said:

Not possible, but perhaps explains why some of us find your expectations so unrealistic.

Check out Bure's and Linden's playoff stats. There are some that just excel when the playoffs come around.  I know, in the bubble, Bo did excel in those playoffs. 

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26 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

If Pettersson wants to remain a Canuck, then it will be him for sure.

Because he's the best player and its good for marketing. But I don't agree with giving the C to young players. Imagine being a 30 year old veteran and some young punk walks into the room wearing a C.


Give it to Miller for a couple years. Then give it to Petterson. But they wont. They will give it to Petterson right away like they did with Bo. Pettetson might be ok not having the C for a couple seasons tho

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