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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche | Nov. 23, 2022

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-Vintage Canuck-

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16 minutes ago, PistolPete13 said:

Did not see that coming. Happy that the guys were able to play a complete 60 minutes. The Scotch was very good and the game was very good.

All in all, no complaints here.

So when do we get a Scotch emoji. We all talk about it enough, lol


Edit: I know Wisers isn’t Scotch, but still appropriate here. Or maybe that’s the Irish Whiskey (Red Breast) talking?


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2 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

Feels good to battle through the adversity and come out with a win. We get torched by the refs a lot and I love stuffing it to them. 


Throwing something at Petey was trash...I now hate that team. Again.

Fans always trash talkin about the nux passive style but from their ( nux) stand point they have to always be aware of bullish!t officiating which stifles offence. Wasn’t enough to beat the best team but the freakin refs too :mad:

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6 minutes ago, BC_Hawk said:

Agree 100% except for Hughes; he struggled all night. He’s just not right.


Thos was by far their best overall effort of the season, and actually resembled playing team d against a VERY good opponent. Keep the lineup the same BB.

Watch him put in demko and stillman next game. Promise u that 

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Just now, DeNiro said:

Say what you want about managements lack of big moves but the acquisitions they’ve made give me more confidence than what Benning did.


Bear, Lazar, Joshua, Aman, Kuzmenko, and Mikayev are a better supporting cast than Benning ever added.

I haven’t been on board with management but you are right there. Feel like we missed the boat on a big move but maybe they really are just patient and figuring out the best move to make.

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