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[PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 03, 2022

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2 minutes ago, Gurn said:

Is not intending to play Brock on Hockey Fights Cancer Night similar to not playing Loungo in the outdoor game?


1 minute ago, Strawbone said:

I don’t buy the story about Joshua not being able to play. I think this was all about not scratching Brock on hockey fights cancer night. This game obviously meant a ton to him. Terrible optics that it took the team until 3pm to figure out what a terrible decision they nearly made. 

Pretty obvious with how emotional he was , the guy wants to be here and is suffering through some issues. Maybe this is the thing he needed to move forward. 

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25 minutes ago, Muttley said:


Hughes - 30 mins Miller - 25 mins Horvat - 24 mins EP - 22 mins  / Use your bench!  Or don't :P

OT lasted 4 mins and these are your key OT players.  Hughes especially  - apart from one short Bear shift, Hughes was on the ice over 3 mins in OT

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Just now, Darius said:

This management team has turned this into a clown show, throwing the coach under the bus .. players etc 

Yup maybe we should hire more managers to help with this :picard:


Benning did just as well by himself at this point 

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34 minutes ago, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

This buys them another two weeks. People want to enjoy it that's fine but there are no standards set for this team right now. Delaying the inevitable is just setting this team back. It's Arizona and  I guess people can be excited but man this team needs an overhaul. Signing Bo changes nothing and in fact ensures we stay the same long term. How do people justify resigning him?


33 minutes ago, 1-d said:

A win here, a win there while losing a bunch in between doesn't change one thing. This team is now 8 years overdue for rebuilding and has been in perpetual retooling.


33 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

There are no moves to be made to improve this team right now otherwise they would have happened.


Just try and enjoy the wins when we get them. Who knows when it’s the last time we see this group together.

AV smiling down from heaven with all this "rebuild" talk.

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