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Report: Brock Boeser Has Not Requested A Trade

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Friedman stirring the pot as usual with his credibility :rolleyes:




Last night, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman dropped the bombshell news that Brock Boeser’s agent Ben Hankinson had been given permission by the Vancouver Canucks to help facilitate a trade.
The original message seems to have gotten a bit lost in translation, as fans began to speculate about what the report from Friedman really means.
One thing that has certainly made the rounds in various online circles over the past 24 hours is that Boeser must have asked for a trade out of Vancouver if his agent is involved.
Perhaps this stems from the recent situation with goaltender Michael DiPietro, who requested a trade out of Vancouver before his agent was given permission to help find a trade solution. But that’s not the case here, according to Rick Dhaliwal and Thomas Drance of The Athletic.
According to Drance and Dhaliwal, a team official confirmed that Boeser hasn’t requested a trade out of Vancouver. They also added this regarding Friedman’s Saturday night report:
“…this isn’t a situation where there’s ill feeling. Rather, the team and Boeser’s camp have, over the course of discussions about Boeser’s role and his Canucks future — conversations which date back to the club’s negotiations on Boeser’s current three-year deal this past offseason — mutually agreed to see if there’s a fit for the player elsewhere.
This is why Hankinson has become involved in trade talks, to help spread the word and see if there’s a fit somewhere. Boeser’s representative has been in regular communication with Allvin of late, trying to figure out where the team is going and where his client fits in, in an effort to help both sides.”
-Thomas Drance and Rick Dhaliwal



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19 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

It doesn't matter whether he wants out or not if management decide they want to shake things up. He has no trade protection. 


About perception.  If both sides are aligned, no one can blame management for trying to find a trade.


Saying he didn't ask out is somewhat disingenuous.  Similar to the Schmidt situation where he too didn't technically ask out but still his preference was to move on.


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54 minutes ago, fivethej said:

Why was Boeser re-signed?

I could be wrong but my understanding was Boeser had a QO of 7.5M so management worked out a deal with him at 6.65 for 3 years to avoid having to either give him his QO or he becomes a UFA and they lose him for nothing.



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1 hour ago, fivethej said:

Why was Boeser re-signed?

The real question is why did we re-sign him only to sign more scoring wingers? Only answer that makes sense is "asset management" I suppose. I doubt management really had any plans of keeping him around. It makes us look really bad when we're trying to healthy scratch him before a very important personal night. Only for him to also score. Guy has 15 points in 19 games with 15 minutes a night, and we're trying to scratch him. Lol. I am really not sure why we're being this scummy towards a guy that is the epitome of class. But hey, just Canucks things.

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