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(Proposal) Canucks - Coyotes

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Would rather not attach another 2nd to get rid of a contract. Maybe wait till summer and explore options or td next season and get a pick back. Myers has trade protection so probably won’t waive for Zona. Moser looks like he’s going to be pretty good though. 

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37 minutes ago, kenhodgejr said:

To Arizona - Tyler Myers,  Christian Wolainen, 2023 2nd 


To Vancouver - JJ Moser LD who plays RD 


Canucks save money to re sign Horvat and keep Boeser 

I think Myers could very easily be heading to Arizona, but not till after his signing bonus gets paid. After that, he only has 1 million left owing on his contract but still eating up 6 million in cap space.


I don't think we'll need to really attach anything under those circumstances. He will help Arizona for a season, they'll get good value from him, all round.


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Absolutely no reason they'd make this trade, they get older and worse. Moser is scoring at a rediculous pace right now and he's just 22 years old. 


We'd probably have to do something like Rathbone + young forward (Garland go back?). I'd do Rathbone + Hoglander for JJ in a second.

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