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Extravagant Deal for the Canucks (Local Team Proposal)


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22 minutes ago, Zfetch said:


Brandon Carlo

Bryan Rust

Jordan Dumais

Ryan Suter

Ryan O’Reilly

Nathan Walker

Jackson Cates

Jakob Vrana

Bjorn Lidhammar

Leon Draisaitl


2023 2nd round pick



2023 3rd round pick

2023 6th round pick


2023 1st round pick



Future Considerations



Vasili Podkolzin

Nils Hoglander



2023 6th round pick



2023 4th round pick


2023 5th round pick



40 million cash and Jonathan Lekkerimaki



Brandon Carlo - Playing only 15mins per night, he is a high octane cheese dman with a good TA/GA ratio. Thick as a Beluga Whale, his calm presence would be worthwhile.


Bryan Rust - High GAs for a winger is what we want to look for. A simple minded person may think, “wow he turns it over a lot”, but a wise person would understand that means the player has the puck a lot and is a SOG merchant.


Jordan Dumais - Let’s be honest we’re not drafting any better


Ryan Suter - Calm veteran presence adds a factor we don’t have back there. Could help Hughes defensively.


Ryan O’Reilly - From DUI to DU I flex my cup ring. Any character issues or conflict between Bo and JT could easily be resolved with mediator ROR. Character addition to the room.


Nathan Walker - We are dying for a speedy playmaking winger. Why Walker? Well he has bad possession stats but that’s nothing new or uncoachable so it’s a buy low chance.


Jackson Cates - A defensively responsible bottom 6 C that’s not washed like Beagle or the many that came before him. High defensive zone starts cuz his coach trusts him.


Jakub Vrana - Can never do with too many fast hardworking wingers.


Bjorn Lidhammar - Upcoming elusive prospect in the Kings system could make for a good call up, and of course, he’s Swedish.


Leon Draisaitl - Need I say more? 



We lose nothing and basically gain everything.


This trade would officially shoot the Canucks right up into contender status with great additions all around to round out the team. Demko arrives in playoff form and we become unstoppable.

The Cincinnati zoo must be breeding geniuses.


This is pure genius. 

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1 minute ago, Alflives said:

No thanks.  Much rather have Bergeron and the rat, or Marner and Matthews.  Players who actually are willing to compete hard without the puck. 

Dunno, Draisaitl is honestly one of the best center's in the league and McDavid skates fast or something 

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