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[PGT] Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 17, 2022

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4 minutes ago, Odd. said:

Tank hard this season. Sell everyone, and try and get a top 3 pick. 

Martin and Delia in net for the foreseeable future, sets us up nicely for a tank. 

Either one of Bedard, Fantelli, Michkov, or RHD Reinbacher would be great.

I don't think we will tank but yeah, we are not going to make the playoffs this season.


I hope we get lucky like Dallas did in 2017. Win the lottery without finishing in the bottom 3. Draft a scoring center to go along with Petey.


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Just now, J-23 said:

Linden needs to buy the team lol

Covid 23 strikes, price of weights shoots up to $1,000 per lbs, Linden sells all his gym weights and buys the team. 



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Just now, Coconuts said:

I miss Linden as a guy who'd regularly engage in Canucks related stuff 


They must have really burnt that bridge 

One thing, that was probably not talked about. Linden is a developer as well. Probably isn't good to have an owner who's a developer and a President with a separate company in the same field. Linden was doing well outside of the Canucks. If Aqua's weren't going to build the team the proper way. Why stay and get tangled in possible conflict of interests on multiple levels.

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11 minutes ago, J-23 said:

Here is the thing. Yes, current management only been here for a year, but everything they are saying sounds very familiar to Benning.


10 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

They’re paid to make moves though.


They’re either gun shy or can’t make them.


Thats not gonna cut it when so much overhaul needs to be done. At this rate they won’t be able to build a contender for 6 or 7 years.


9 minutes ago, JayDangles said:

Preeeety sure this is the only argument that can be made to defend management, and it is getting old... Really old. 

No one expected them to turn us into a cup contender in 1 year, but to have done nothing, while at the same time signing miller, Mik and picking up scraps and handicapping this team even worse.

Yeah they are proving they are  incompetent, not patient


8 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

And yet it's this management group who had a Brinks truck roll up to JT Miller's place 

Horvat trade will determine what this management team is about.


I like Mikheyev, management had an eye for him. We need more guys like him. Kuzmenko was a good pickup. Bear has been a good pickup.


Hindsight the Miller deal is looking scary. Stillman trade was a bit of a miss, but others have said we wouldn't have gotten Bear without it.


IMO I just think the pitchfork mentality is out a little too early for this management group. It's only been a year.


The Horvat trade will completely determine what this management group is about. I'll reserve judgement until then.

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