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[Official] League 1 BC Soccer Thread


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Hi everyone! 

Didn’t see a thread on this second-year league yet but given that it’s in our own backyard, I figured it deserves some time in the spotlight. L1BC is a semi-professional soccer league based out of primarily the Lower Mainland, and serves as a stopgap for youth players and young adults looking to go the CPL and MLS draft route that doesn’t include the Whitecaps academy, which many in the local circles feel is outdated. Ontario has a more senior version that’s been quite successful.

What makes this league truly special is that every club must show that they have the ability to play TWO successful teams: one for men and the other for women. Game days have the women’s game first, followed by the men’s. It’s a great way to get involved in the local game for an evening and the level of play is phenomenal. This league takes a majority of its players from the highly prosperous amateur leagues VMSL and FVSL, while also pulling the best young players from HPL leagues and academies. 

Kickoff is in the Spring, see you there!




Altitude FC


Altidude FC is a North Vancouver based club, built off of one of the most well known youth academies in the country: Faly FC. This club is building for the future, hence their stern belief in pulling younger kids to build experience rather than only signing the highest quality players. 

Harbourside FC


The newest edition of the L1BC family, Harbourside is a Nanaimo based club with a joint affiliation with youth club Nanaimo United and Vancouver Island University. 

Rivers FC


Rivers FC is based out of Thompson Rivers University and has an affiliation with FC Tigers Vancouver, one of the most prosperous amateur clubs in Canada. Look for them to make a big leap in the standings this season! 

TSS Rovers 

The Burnaby-based Rovers are the reigning men’s champions and are looking to repeat in the leagues second year. Captain Erik Edwardson was the inaugural league MVP, and is the long-time captain of FC Tigers Vancouver. 

Unity FC is the Langley-based parent club of the Trinity Western University Spartans. The women’s team is looking to build off of a successful 3rd place finish, whereas the men would like to improve from their 6th place finish. 


Nautsa’Mawt FC 


Nautsa’Mawt FC is the parent club of the UBC Thunderbirds, and is looking to build off of an incredible first year where both teams finished as runners up. Look to them to be especially fired up this year. 

Victoria Highlanders 


Apart from the whitecaps, the Highlanders are perhaps the most storied club in L1BC. The former USL PDL club faced financial troubles for a couple years but came into the new league with a chip on their shoulders. Unfortunately that left them with a dreadful season. They’ll be looking to improve off of a poor start, but their name alone will garner lots of support. 

Vancouver Whitecaps Academy 


The dreaded caps. As chippy as they are technically gifted, they are every locals favourite club, and every players worst nightmare. The whitecaps are the only team to take exclusively from an academy program and not external leagues, although this team is far from being a poor side. The women proved that the caps can focus on the women’s game by winning the league last year, whereas the men finished third. 

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2 hours ago, StanleyCupOneDay said:

Are any of the games televised locally or province or country wide or online? Or do you have to go to the games to see them?

Nothing was televised in the first season, although some teams may have had their games available through on-line broadcasts.  The good news is that the games are cheap to attend.  I went to most of the TSS games in their first season and the tickets were very reasonably priced, as were the hotdogs and beer!

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Valter Sedin (Hank’s kid) plays for the caps. A large number of Canucks brass were at his debut a couple weeks back.


I’ve seen him play a few times, and that kid is going to Europe someday. Crazy good work ethic and he’s a phenomenal player at only 17. 

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