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(Rumour) 4 teams interested in J.T. Miller


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46 minutes ago, EastCoastNucks said:

Exactly. Millar would have been a good trade before the OEL buyout.... particularly if Millar was the sweetener to take OEL. but now, f**k no. and now his new deal is locked in, we shoud just make him captain.


He's not a good leader though...

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Finally. JT was never getting traded unless consensus overpayment was coming our way. Never doubted he would stay. Glad management didn’t pull some asshole move by trading him after giving him a contract based on the fact he wanted to be a Canuck and his family had committed on staying and growing in Van for many years. 

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I told  y'all so.  :towel:


This guy is a guy you keep...especially when we do get into the playoffs. People looking down the road to a guy who'll be "too old" and washed up are as short sighted as the rest of us (who look at what he provides for us in the here and now). You want some surliness. A big body who doesn't take crap. He also has a sense of humour and lightens things up at times (every heard him mic'd up?). Love how he treats some of the younger guys in a big brother way. He's a true leader.


He's my favourite and there's a reason for that. I've got a pretty good track record with favourites considering having to go against the grain at times as most of them have been screamed about by the fanbase (Bieksa, Burr, now JT). Do we need them stuff. Bieksa was also trade rumoured to death at times until he wasn't.


If JT left the team it'd be too quiet and passive. I'd hate it with him gone...he adds elements that make this team less friendly and easy to play against.



And yes, I'm gloating a bit....I'm ecstatic.


His fan club is growing....we've gone from 3 members (grandmaster, bishopshodan and me) to what...22 members now?

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1 minute ago, grandmaster said:

Now I can buy that Miller jersey!


But wait….what if he is named captain? Need to hold off still….

:towel:I bought mine when he was heavily rumoured to be gone...they were hard to come by and I tried for months to get one. Then, at the team sale, they were 50% off!  


I'll buy another when he gets the C.

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