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Canucks & Jets (Proposal)

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Preface this deal by saying I really like the Jets. Well-built, hard working club. With their 'tender playing at his current level, they have a legitimate chance. Be wise for them to add bullets to the chamber...


Van: Kuzmenko & Schenn


'Peg: Perfetti/McGroarty/Lucius(pick any 1 of the three), & Logan Stanley


- they seem a little thin on the Rhd side

- You got Connor w/PLD; now you'd have Kuz with Scheifle


We don't need a pick from them..I like their drafting plenty! Better just to grab a partially developed/aged prospect from their worthy stash.


Would love to see these guys win it all in 2023!

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14 minutes ago, kanucks25 said:

Actually don't think the value is far off and if we're getting Lucius it does fit the needs of both teams but:


Can't see Chevy doing this without a Kuzmenko extension and I doubt Kuz extends there.

Yup.  The Jets would definitely prefer players who have long term contracts already in place.  That’s one reason they would like Miller.  They won’t see him leave as soon as he’s a UFA.  

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