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(Proposal) Horvat and Miller


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Trade 1: 
Horvat for Lapierre + Iorio + 1st + 2nd 


Horvat for Morrow + Drury + 1st + 2nd 


I feel both teams will need to add a piece because of what Horvat brings to the ice and the uncertainty of the picks and players involved. 

Trade 2:

Miller + Schenn for Schneider + Kakko + Goodrow


Kuzmenko - Pettersson - Kakko

Mikheyev - Goodrow - Boeser

Pearson - Lazar - Garland

Joshua - Wouters - Studnicka


Hughes - Bear

OEL - Myers 

Dermott - Schneider


Draft top 5 - Carlsson/Fantilli


I would go into next year with a fairly similar lineup to the one above for another Top 5 pick. This will allow our prospects to simmer in the AHL or overseas for a year or two before they enter the fold the following season (24-25). Mind you, I do see a fair bit of roster turnover in terms of Boeser, Myers, Pearson, Garland and OEL over these next two years. 




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In my opinion, both those trades are completely unrealistic returns.


You won't get the equivalent to two 1st round picks, plus two 2nd round picks, for Horvat as a rental. Not to mention, neither the Caps nor the Canes can afford to take on Horvat without sending cap back our way. For Horvat I think you might get a 2023 1st round pick + an "A" prospect + a roster player (returning cap). You might get another lesser asset thrown in for 50% salary retention.


Regarding the proposed Miller trade. I don't think NYR would do Schneider for Miller 1-for-1. Let alone adding Kaako to the deal. Most importantly NYR cannot afford Miller's new contract next season. The proposed trade would give them only $14.7m in cap space and needing to sign another 11 players (including RFAs like K Miller, Chytil, Laf who will need significant raises).

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