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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning | Jan. 12, 2023

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Just now, DeNiro said:

Part of me wanted the win just because of them trying so hard to get him 500.


Ya, they got cocky at the end there on the PP’s and 5on5 trying to get that 500 goal. 

Almost costed them the game.

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When you are in complete shambles but the year two pacific NW expansion team is shutting out Boston... In Boston...and in solid playoff position.... What a time to be alive 


Yay for the tank, Reg L and very exciting game! Winn:towel:


Oh yeah and improving the on ice product bigtime by removing a massive anchor of a contract is... Neat

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5 minutes ago, SilentSam said:

I think everyone deserves an explanation from the referee 

Yes, you have to ask why that is allowed... that was a blantant full bore sucker punch to the face of a much smaller guy... when that guy had done nothing unusual in a scrum.


And the Ref was right there... how he can't call that is a question.


Pandering to the Eastern teams and the former Cup Champs.

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Feels like losses like this are a bit more tolerable.


Questionable overall team defense at times but there was a reasonable effort by the team for most of the game.


Win or lose I at least want them to seem like they care and this was a pretty good game against one of the leagues best teams.

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Team Shots Hits Blocked FO Wins Giveaways Takeaways Power Plays
VAN 40 36 16 51.4% 2 11 1/3
TBL 35 25 13 48.6% 5 7 2/3


Indicates we need a healthy Demko back; Pretty simple. This game like others, should have had a better fate.


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Just now, Qwags said:

Lightning looked like they weren't really trying most of the game and they still scored 5 goals.

Had they not been looking for Stamkos after his goal they'd have scored more imo


They took their foot off the gas to try and get him his milestone 

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