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Do it again! [Proposal] It will be better the 2n time I promise.

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Canucks Brass Loved the OEL trade so much decided to double down. 


To Chicago Nux 2024 1st + Boeser + Myers I'd love it to be a second instead but come on it's the Canucks! 


To Nux Seth Jones 2m retained + Max Domi. 


Trade Kuzzmenko. If theres a team out there that thinks he's worth 6m then they prob also think he's worth a 1st right?? I think he's 5th in the NHL in terms of $per point right now as a rental that's gotta be tantalizing. Tires fully inflated! As great as his dimples are lets be real here the honey moon will end as soon as he get's paid. 


Max and Bo sign in the offseason to play together. 



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I wonder if both sides pass?
I gotta think that, by signing him to that big deal, the Hawks would commit to Jones even in a rebuild, since you can't really remove ALL the talent off a team.
Even after they trade Toews and Kane, he'll probably take up the leadership role (especially when you look at their cap sheet, he's the only guy signed long-term).

Also, on our defense, I can't see his +/- get any better, and his price tag will look terrible as another $7.5 million player who doesn't really defend that well.

EDIT: I would do some of Boeser/ Myers/ Garland (and possibly the 2024 1st) for McCabe and Murphy.  Trade two pricey wingers with no trade protections, plus the 1st to make up the difference in value, for two defensive D-men who also have term and should help shore things up.

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Jones would be awesome, but no way they retain 2 million for the entirety of the contract. Maybe a couple years.


Also I have to disagree 100% on Kuzmenko. He looks like the real deal. Not necessarily saying he'll keep up at his current scoring pace (although he might), but he's a player that can help a team win.

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