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12 minutes ago, cocanuck said:

Riiight,,,,  im sure rutherford just found out about it… of course

It's hard to say from the outside what they know.  Each player's day to day activities, injury, rehab are handled by coaching staff and the medical staff.  The management just need updates on how long they will be out etc.   If the perception that his medical care was mishandled, that's what the player's perception was (Pearson, his teammates).  Management's perception maybe just that it was bad luck and they lost their top 6 winger for the season, just like Poolman, Dermott, etc. It's not like they all sit together and discuss this on a weekly basis. Bruce is busy enough trying to save the sinking ship, he doesn't have time to think about a player's hand injury.  All he cares is if a player has been cleared to play or not.  So it's not unconceivable that the president of the team doesn't know how players feel about how an injury was managed.  The medical team is not going to admit they mishandled it to the president either, if indeed that was the case.  


The only reason JR had to make this statement is the perception by the players and now by the public.  Better to clear the air than sweep it under the rug.  





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