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[Waivers] Zac Dalpe

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28 minutes ago, Bell said:

Seems like everyday an ex canuck ahler is on waivers

It's almost always someone we acquired through a trade, never through free agency or waivers.  In other words, we pay for someone, and then they eventually lose value here or somewhere else.

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12 minutes ago, R3aL said:

Think the team with dalpe performed better than what we got now too :picard:

yeah, they were actually pretty good up until January iirc, then it just fell apart around that line brawl game against Calgary, but i think they still finished the season around .500

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17 minutes ago, Sophomore Jinx said:

It's amazing that Torts even had above .500 that year with such an awful roster.


2013-14 Vancouver Canucks Roster, Stats, Injuries, Scores, Results, Shootouts | Hockey-Reference.com

This is the post 2011 Gillis era for you. No drafting and development because of poor picks, and the roster was filled with "vet" players.

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nice to see him stilll playing


Canucks won that trade


and nice to see that Dalpe didn't just play 55 games in Vancouver and pack it in


those 55 games for Vancouver ware the largest and most compact of any of his runs in the NHL

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