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Is match fixing illegal in Canada?

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According to the most recent episode of the CBC's "The Fifth Estate", apparently not.  There's nothing in the Criminal Code of Canada that outlaws match fixing, apparently - and the investigative journalists in the program have shared instances of suspected and confirmed instances of bribery and match fixing in sporting events involving Canadian entities and Canadian athletes.


Which leads to the question: if match fixing is not illegal in Canada, what's to stop the NHL from dipping their hands into the match fixing cookie jar?  How do we know that games are being played by all players on the ice with actual sportsmanship and integrity, that games are being reffed by on-ice officials who are calling the games with integrity and in the spirit of fair play, and that the league isn't purposely tilting the ice one way or the other through their off-ice assessments of supplemental discipline, scheduling for each season, and updating of the rulebooks?


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No but Major League Baseball had to hire one of the first Commissioners because of the 1919 Black Sox scandal. 

And that league took a hit on its credibility. The sad part is it stems from the cheap bastard owner not paying some of the best players in baseball a living wage. 


Then again, because the media doesn't seem to want to actually do work, so every league in North America could be fixed and the media wouldn't care.

It's just not as obvious as wrestling. 


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because the game is not only played in canada? they can still be prosecuted in the US regardless of what nationality you are? unless you are talking about an all canadian entity like the CFL where no one cares about enough.


and just because it's not illegal doesn't exempt you from being sued? so who the hell would do that unless they are making pennies and in poverty with a large debt... and it wouldn't be just 1 person.. you'd have to get a whole series of people involve to pull it off.. it's not like the nba.. u call a foul and free points at the line.. u call a penalty? the other team still have to score.

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