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[Poll] How much of CDC is actually on team tank?

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I am not on team tank. I may ask questions like, "I wonder how the Montréal Canadiens are doing?" But I ask that question because I like the Habs, but I like the Canucks more. 


Now it's time to get back to my movie. 

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22 minutes ago, McBackup said:

You have to be at this point. Orcas do belong in tanks. This is not a competitive team. I don't want to finish 20th and get the 12th overall pick because there was a late season surge against teams coasting into the playoffs. I don't want management doubling down on this roster when they've clearly reached their limit. This team needs an infusion of young talent and if there is any draft to do it its this one. 

"Mr. McBackup sir, the SPCA would like to have a word with you..."

Jokes aside, I think tanking to a certain extent is warranted (move the big money, inefficient contracts -- Miller, Boeser, Garland, Myers, Pearson along with the pending UFA's that will bring value, in Horvat, Kuzmenko and probably Schenn).  Replace the 2nd line guys with hungry, inexpensive guys with upside, and try to bring on a GM with a Sakic/ Yzerman-like mindset, who will bring in good-value players (or alternatively bring on pricey vets to absorb the tough minutes along with Petey's line so Hoglander/ Podkolzin can dominate weaker competition).

______ - Petey - Mikheyev
______ - (2nd C acquired in trade) - _______
Hoglander - Studnicka? - Podkolzin (let the wings earn the higher spots; Jack can go if he's not the solution)
Joshua - Aman - Lazar

Hughes - Bear
OEL - (defensive RHD)
Dermott? - _________

Demko/ Martin  

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After the miller signing, i was assuming they’d go all in. Trade Lekkerimaki and our first to fix the defense. They didn’t. Publicly undermining our coach and captain, no 3C, no rugged defensive D upgrades, no experienced backup G after Demko had summer surgery and I’m left thinking JR is on team tank too. I can’t reconcile the miller signing with all the other moves, but it’s not too late yet to correct course. I’m hopeful, but fully expecting to be disappointed.

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2 hours ago, Roberts said:

I'm curious to see how much of CDC is actually on team tank, meaning we hope the Canucks finish in the worst possible position for the best draft lottery odds.

No Tank You - Señor GIF - Pronounced GIF or JIF?

I see 'team tank' as meaning the players try to purposely lose as many games as possible.  That's why I just can't get behind that concept.

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Team tank for me and I am not going to be fooled by some late season surge after starting so poorly the last 2 or 3 seasons.


The team's tendency to start winning games even after they are more or less out of it reminds me of a kid who does so bad in class and decides to cram for the final exam only the night before. 


You know that old saying ...





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33 minutes ago, Captain Canuck #12 said:

I see 'team tank' as meaning the players try to purposely lose as many games as possible.  That's why I just can't get behind that concept.


The players would never tank........it is not in their DNA..........nor the coach

What tank means, is for the GM to act accordingly, and move some of the players........aka, Miller, Horvat, Schenn, etc.......

Just weaken yourself by omission

When you are as low as we are, with a 1% chance of making the playoffs, what is the point in the GM wanting to win, whe  he can strengthen the club through the draft, and yes that means a purposeful tank, by the GM

Ownership would obviously need to be on board with the tank

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