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I'm Betting Bo Winds Up On Isles..THEN ____ ...

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...Carolina. Really don't wanna see the BroonGoons win it all. Bo should help the Canes get over the hump.

Also, Staal's contract is up, so timing works.


If we take back Kotkaniemi they'll sweeten the pot. JK, Morrow, 1st rd 2023 & 1 more piece, will say

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I doubt Bo's going to be a rental. A team trading a boat load for him is going to want him as part of their future and sign him long term. The Bruins are the perfect fit for Bo. As much as it sickens me to say this, the Bruins have Stanley Cup written all over them. If they add Bo they're that much stronger.


Plus they are going to be losing Bergeron and Krejci so they need a top flight centre to replace them. They'd have to get a little creative cap wise as they still need to re-sign Pasta but it's in their best interest to do this. To do this they might need to get rid of Taylor Hall and his $6 M salary.

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1 hour ago, komodo0921 said:

I like the Rangers as the landing spot for Bo.

They are agonizingly close to being a real contender for The Cup and they have the assets to get a deal done.

They also have enough space to re-sign him, long-term.

Pretty crazy NYR have so much cap space next year even though they have pretty weighty contracts in Panarin, Zibanejad, Kreider, Fox, Trouba. 


Now this is a rebuild with a bit of retool done right. It wasn't that long ago NYr(2018) went on their full rebuild and sold their roster. They then signed some middle-agers in between like Panarin, Zibanejad, Trouba, Kreider; all are paying dividends. As opposed to a lot of retool from us that all failed lol: Sutter, Eriksson, Sutter, Sbisa, Gudbranson, Granlund, Roussel, Beagle, Toffoli, OEL, Garland



Looks like a lesson here is if you want to "retool" you better be freaking good at pro scouting. Seems like Benning instead of pro scouting, he looked at what # the players were drafted and wished they will turn it around in a Canucks uniform. 

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5 minutes ago, AriGold said:

I'm fairly certain he will go to Colorado. They're gonna go on another cup run, Landy will be out till the playoffs start so LTIR money will be more then enough. Question is, for what? Newhook and 1st ? Byram and 1st ?

Newhook and Byram.  

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How bad do you want a chance at Bedard?

Anaheim bad? 

Bo+ Hughes for unprotected 1st in 2023, 2nd rounder 2023, Tyson Hinds, and Nathan Gaucher.

Anaheim still has a ton of picks in the 2023 draft after that.

We get a solid centre and defenceman and improve our odds dramatically and add more picks.


I'll wait for the flying daggers.... 

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