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[Official] Canucks announce skate jerseys as official 3rd jersey

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3 minutes ago, goalie13 said:

Only the Fanatics ones are available on the team online store right now.  I wonder if that will change and they will carry the Adidas one?

Adidas jerseys are on Vanbase. but pro stitched costs $350 which is insane. I recommend waiting for cheaper options to come up

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1 hour ago, Roberts said:


I'd definitely buy this jersey,  if I were still financially supporting this team.  


They won't get a direct dollar of mine until they make meaningful moves toward a direction other than 'mediocrity at all costs indefinitely.   


The cycle of mediocrity is just going to continue if you spend money folks. 


Rant over, sorry for that,  maybe I'll have cause to look into this jersey after the TDL, or the draft ^_^.

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