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I know we would all like to get Nemec or Jiricek in a trade but I think for one of them it could cost us Hughes not Bo or JT. I for one would consider it if the deal included more pieces we need coming back but I'm not sure that could get pulled off. As an alternative I would like to really go after Svozil from the Blue Jackets, I honestly think this guy will be a stud but doesn't seem to get talked about.


My proposal:


Columbus-  Svozil


Vancouver- Rathbone


Would that be enough? Do we add? Or do we go with a bigger deal such as


Columbus- Svozil, Ceulemans, Nyquist (5.5 UFA) and Gavrikov (2.8 UFA)


Vancouver- Stillman (1.35) and JT (50% retained- 2.625)




Love to hear your thoughts on this.




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