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[Poll] [Discussion] Management vs Coaching

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Who would you like to see stay or go?  

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14 hours ago, Fanuck said:

Option #7:  New Ownership?

Pretty much. But the fact this isn’t a realistic voting option makes the whole poll hard to answer.


Ideally, I’d clean house. I have a vision for how I’d like to see this team constructed, both in staffing hockey ops and building the roster, but that’s always remained in the theoretical realm, as the real-world construction of the Vancouver Canucks has never truly aligned with my vision. Which is to be expected.


Unfortunately, this team will always be built the way the owners want it to be. So cleaning house just means giving these owners another chance to fill those positions. And I’m not convinced Aquilini does any better than the current hockey ops setup, if he replaced them all.


Much as I’m not happy with the current situation, I’m not sure, if I’m being realistic, that firing everyone would bring different results. Most likely that would mean replacing Rutherford with a weaker, less experienced PoHO who’d be even less effective in keeping Aquilini at arm’s length. And those effects would filter down through the management hierarchy and various departments. 

So, based on a reality where Aquilini remains owner, I’d probably keep JR and his chosen management team in place and see what they can accomplish within a three year window (so next season and into the following season), before making a call for regime change. 

As for the coaching staff (and again, based on reality), I’d fire them all and start fresh with coaches that are handpicked by management and truly align with their vision for the team. 

None of this is what I really want. 

I didn’t really want Rutherford for PoHO or Allvin for GM. But it is what it is.


And I love Bruce and don’t want to see him disrespected, but clearly he can’t be the coach of this team, under the current management, so he (and his staff) need to go.

If I could snap my fingers, or waive a magic wand, and change everything about this team, from ownership down, I would.


But the fact remains that Aquilini is the owner (and will likely continue to be for a long time). And working under that reality, I think the most sensible choice is to let this management group have a reasonable timeframe (three years seems fair) to do the work needed to address the current issues, with the coaching staff they want, so that management and coaching are aligned, and have an opportunity to succeed or fail on their own terms. After three years, we should have a very good sense of whether or not they’ve been successful in cleaning up the mess and putting this team on a path to contention.


So I’m likely going to make a very unpopular choice and vote for only the first two options on this poll. 

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1 hour ago, Shayster007 said:

None of the above. Ride out the reason with this coaching staff, sell at the deadline, make moves over the summer, reevaluate closer to next season. That would be my preference.


I'm hoping the new coach has been brought in to implement systems with the winkwink that we don't really need to win many games and it's the process that matters. Not realistic, but that's my current hope.

Pretty much this.


I'm concerned, but I'm not in full on panic mode like most of the fanbase seems to be yet. This could very well be similar to the deafening noise heard in Colorado before the Duchenne trade... Or it could be a complete gong show and we're in for some dark times :lol: I think this TDL (and summer) will say a lot as to which of those, this is.


I feel for Bruce as he's a good guy and the roster isn't his responsibility. But he hasn't gotten this team to play with anything resembling structure or puck support either. Like him or not, that's a coaching failure. And I don't really have any desire to get caught up in the "as the world turns" dynamic of how the fanbase feel he's been "treated".

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No firings.... let the ship sink like Titanic and lets get a proper off season with the changes this team has been screaming for....


Deal with with management/coaches during off season. 

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1 hour ago, NUCKER67 said:

My gosh, the chaotic mess left behind by Benning is challenging. They can't trade any of the players, because other teams don't have cap space or the contracts handed out or inherited by Benning are terrible and unmovable.  So, the Canucks are stuck with these players and they're not a good team this season. But eventually, they will make a trade or two, the Horvat situation will be settled (he might even be re-signed, or not) and in the off season they'll probably buy out a player. It's going to take time to unravel the mess and right the ship. 


JR was skeptical with last years;' wins down the stretch. He wanted to give Bruce this season to see if that was an anomaly or if he could actually coach them to a playoff spot. The whole team was so confident in the off season. Boeser declaring HE WILL score 30 goals this year. Yeah, sure Brock. What do you got, 9 goals at the halfway point? Maybe what hurt them most is Demko not being good and then getting injured long term. He saved their bacon many many times over the years, and now this team is being exposed as BAD (unless they have stellar goaltending, then they're okay). 


The chaotic mess left by Benning is monumental.  Because its mistake added onto other mistakes.  If anyone has watched the horror film "The Thing" its kind of like that.  The OEL trade/player dump has got to be one of the worst in franchise history.  For only one season of cap relief, JB saddled the team with Garner and OEL's contracts.  That relief was then used up in only one year the very next season by those two new added contracts!  But the cap hits will go on. Garner's I'm not that upset about, He's at least an effective player out there, but OELs 7.3  is especially damaging for 5 more seasons.  Just that price in itself for a one year cap relief used up by the very players you got back in that one year, is difficult to swallow.  But then you realize that JB also gave up a top ten pick and second round pick and fifth round pick to boot!  Utterly astounding incompetence. The only ones sorry to see Benning go were one or two Benning Bros left on here and the other 31 GMs.


I think you  are right in saying that JR wanted to give BB a shot to win with the moves he made in  the off season.  I don't know why folks are painting JR as some kind of villain. And that poor BB is being disrespected.  Hey, Bruce was given his chance this season. If he could have continued his success into this season, and we were in a playoff spot, I think BB would have even gotten an extension.  What do people expect?  Sure he could be put out of his misery before the season ends, but does he really want that?  He loves to coach. And I think he'd just as much like to see this season through, try and salvage the end of it somewhat, get the team steered in the right direction.  Keeping him on til the end is not being cruel. He's getting paid well. He's doing a job he loves doing. As far as anyone thought, and I mean anyone, we were projected to make the playoffs this season. BB was not set up to fail, other than in hindsight.  But he did fail, along with the rest of the team. Them's the breaks.  And as far as the team tanking now, it would be better to not airlift in another coach and get a new coach bump right now anyways.  So I hope BB stays on til the end of the season.


Ride it out this season, see what happens at the TD and the summer.  It would be hypocritical of me not to give JR at least 3 seasons to try and get this team steered in the right direction.  I may start getting grumpier and grumpier if nothing much changes in quality of play in the next 2 years, but its kind of silly to be calling for JR's and management's heads so soon into their tenure, especially with the mess they have to work with, in a flat cap and the difficulty to deal players right now league wide.






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15 hours ago, King Heffy said:

That doesn't happen unless Rutherford is replaced with someone capable of conducting himself appropriately.

How about giving Bruce a promotion to assistant/apprentice President. 

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So, the results are about what I was expecting and might be why Boudreau is still here. Roughly 85% of fans would prefer that we change management instead of coach.


I wonder how much management is aware of this and paying attention to it.

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Pretty negative poll.


Can't say anything in total of the choices


What I would like is a Plan that takes the Canucks to 10+ years of playoffs and a cup run or two.


That would require a rebuild or build from the bottom up or building through the draft WITH smart use of cap space and sensible trades or signings of FAs.


Benning's shadow will be on this assembled group of players until there is enough roster change to remove the losing culture but it will have to be extensive and result in a group of players close in age.


The management group hasn't been here long enough to want them canned BUT that is only if they don't start doing what they tried to sell fans on which so far has been opposite of what they said they would do.


The only thing they have acted on with regards to their hiring statements is fans will be upset with some things they feel they have to do but that was cushioned with most of the things fans had been clamouring for for years.

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