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of the top 200 players in the NHL this year, Van has  7.  2 in the top 50. and 3 in 50 to 100 and 2 in 150 to 200.    This is a structural management problem going back years.  Only a coward would blame the coach....you can only work with what you inherited, and given the quality of players he inherited, I think he is doing as good as he can 


Changing the coach won't do anything but hide the real problems of years long bad decisions.


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Canucks have some good players but its pretty clear there are some under performers/lack of effective role players e.k PK’rs.


As for coaching i like Bruce and hate the way hes been draggged through the mud  but Ive seen a few times where defensively they overload to one side and they start scrambling for coverage/ opponents are left open.  Preparation I cant really speak to but it mgmt thinks they need a different coaching to be effective, I think its fair they at least get one shot at it.

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I stated this on the possible coaching change thread.


I think the bottom line is Vancouver won't go below 29, most likely 28.

Anaheim has an even worse goals against than the Canucks do. Columbus is only slightly better.

Chicago has the most dreadful goals for. How bad? Brock would be tied for 3rd in points in Chicago.

It would take a losing streak of colossal proportions to finish 30th or worse.

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Not sure how you're getting the top 200 players, but I'd guess fantasy rankings, which are an okay proxy for hockey-playing ability, but far from perfect. Nonetheless, I would still maintain that this team has a huge weakness in defense and this year, also in goaltending, which has sunk the ship. Our offensive players are definitely in the top half, maybe even top third of the league.

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