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Winning Canuck Coaches

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Well this is a very very short list.
Pretty pathetic numbers actually for most of the coaches in our teams history.

Pat Quinn 141 - 111

Marc Crawford 246 -189

Alain Vigneault 313 - 170

John Tortorella 36 - 35  -----does anyone know how many wins and losses Mike Sullivan had as interim.....I would love to take tortz off this list.

Bruce Boudreau 50 - 39  (probably 40 after the Oilers)



I hope that Tocchet doesn't make the winners list just out of spite.


BB will be one of my favs fover going forward, what a kind hearted man.

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3 hours ago, Alflives said:

That Gillis led era was the best we’ve ever had.  Gillis built such a great team.  And AV was the ideal coach for that group.  

Yeah, I sure miss this era as well. It has been a disaster ever since. Bring back Gillis!

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I made this table this morning when i saw Tocchet's age...not exactly fresh blood, in fact the second oldest we had after Bruce. Past performance doesn't indicate future success but there's a strong correlation. AV is pretty much the outlier.


Quinn was younger than i thought when he became head coach.





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