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Pettersson's Composure and Focus are Commendable

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13 minutes ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

The rest of the team are definitely being affected by the Clown Show which is the management of the team.


But Elias Pettersson continues to keep his composure, focus and work ethic.


I don't think I have seen him put any less effort into his game this last month... he is one of the few bright lights.


And he is also inspiring any one he plays with.


If Bo Horvat does get dealt, then Petey has certainly shown he has the stuff that Captains are made of.

100% Petey is the next captain of the Vancouver Canucks.  He may go down as our greatest player ever. Certainly the most complete player in Vancouver Canucks history. I can see him peaking at 120 points and winning the Selke trophy multiple times. Depending on what this team does, maybe even an Art Ross and Hart trophy. My dream would be the Conn Smythe trophy and the Stanley Cup.  If he is able to do that they will put a statue of him outside Rogers Arena and name a street after him. 

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Yeah from day one he's been that #1 C, leader and foundational building block.  Killed penalties since he was a rookie, always seeks to improve, put on muscle since last season which was an off year for him and has come back on fire, gets pissed and does his best (recently broke his stick on the crossbar after an empty net goal scored against) so he's definitely got that fire, and he can be used in all situations (PP1, PK, even strength, sniping, playmaking, even physicality like how he smoked I think it was Broberg today).  Even if he doesn't wear a letter he definitely leads the charge, not Miller.

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Miller will be the next captain. Management's pet project. Gotta make that 8mil forever contract look good. Petey is as good as gone next. Miller and management are running everyone that isn't the problem outta town. Will be exciting to watch the Hughes trio in New Jersey when his contract is up too.

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Miller is toxic on the ice and in the locker room 

4 minutes ago, ToTellTheTruth said:

Kinda worried that the next coach might not get along with Petey.


If you recall once Bruce was hired Pettersson game exploded and has improved.


Last night he was urging the fans on with the chant, Miller wasn't.


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I love EP as a player. 
‘I don’t like making the scoring stars the captain as a tactic to try to keep them around. C or not everyone knows this is his team and he gets enough press responsibility. 
‘If Schenn comes back I would use him as a transitional captain until Podz is ready. 

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