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[Report] Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, Trent Cull; name Rick Tocchet as head coach, Adam Foote as assistant coach, Sergei Gonchar as defensive development coach

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6 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

8th coach in ten years.


Same core for 5 years.


Team needs major surgery but the core isn't the issue.  Just needs structure.


How is it Benning looks qualified right now in comparison to what we're hearing and seeing 



Av, torts, willie, green, bruce, toch.  Who am i missing?

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51 minutes ago, stawns said:

I just paid for the Abby feed on ahltv.......just the reg season, but it was only $30 I think

It's come down a lot since AHLTV was first started. One thing to note. They charge you in USD, so it's a bit more than 30 if I remember correctly. Still worth it I think. I really enjoy the AHL brand.

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53 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

For the record,  before people get too excited:


Foote has zero professional coaching experience and only ever coached 1 'meh' season in the WHL when his son was on the team.


Gonchar only has coaching experience with one other NHL team, of which he was a former player.


Tocchet has a career losing record as an NHL coach.

All true.


Gonchar was a great offensive defenseman as well, not really known for his defensive play. He was ok as far as i remember but nothing like say foote. 

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1 minute ago, -DLC- said:

Thinking straight: there's a way to "fire" people where you follow most HR protocols and let them know, first and foremost, of their personal business. Before you start calling prospective replacements...you let the guy know he's being replaced so he can process it before it hits the airwaves. And his wife has to call to see why he's not on the ice because rumours are leading the charge.


Emotional: we need to win/improve so screw the last coach ... onward ...we've had 53 years of this!!"



Then blame media because no one in the org straight up said we intend to fire Bruce at some point this season, Buuuuut, we really want to drag it out first. That’s horseshit. Fans are upset because the media preyed on this for so long that it hit driven into peoples heads that Bruce was being hard done by. The only truth to that perspective is that mgmt didn’t provide him enough tools. While that may be true, if you drive a vehicle that is finally proving its falling apart this year and about to be recycled,  you don’t go and rebuild the engine hoping that’s the problem solver.


This roster was reinvested into this offseason. Not in the areas folks had hoped for including myself, but money was spent to try and give Bruce some more advantage and options. But it’s a case of futility, and now we’re seeing the result of that.

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26 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Some so-called fans are jumping off the Canuck ship? Okay, well, see you later when the Canucks are good again. I'm not going anywhere, I love this team and I'm happy that things are finally starting to happen. Better days ahead.

Bit of deja vu 13 months ago. 

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