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[Report] Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, Trent Cull; name Rick Tocchet as head coach, Adam Foote as assistant coach, Sergei Gonchar as defensive development coach

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-Vintage Canuck-

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1 hour ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

I doubt they’re safe. Tocchet will likely use the remainder of the season to assess their work and decide if will stay for next season or get replaced.


It also makes some sense to keep a couple coaches around for continuity.


Plus, King coached the power play, which ranked 13th in the league over his tenure. Not great, but not really the problem either. Certainly better than the 31st ranked PK over the same period, or being 20th in points percentage, 21st in goals against, etc.


Yeo was a Rutherford hire. That probably buys him some time. 

Agreed. They’ll help bridge the coaching change, bringing Tocchet and Foote up to speed, while being evaluated

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3 minutes ago, Attila Umbrus said:

It's come down a lot since AHLTV was first started. One thing to note. They charge you in USD, so it's a bit more than 30 if I remember correctly. Still worth it I think. I really enjoy the AHL brand.

True enough, they do.


I'm very much enjoying and, though I'd rather not pay to watch hockey, it's a much needed spirit lifter and I still get to support my team.


If they weren't playing well, I wouldn't have done it, but watching podz and hogz gaining confidence and becoming difference makers is worth it.........not to mention the other prospects as well.


I think all those who said the prospect cupboard is bare should sign up.

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3 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

With all of the toxic negativity around here lately, I'm just hoping they don't shut this forum down. The attacks on Tocchet are not fair. He was just hired this morning for crying out loud. Give them a chance. 

Honestly I don’t see much difference from the other days we call bloody murder.

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Just now, 48MPHSlapShot said:

He probably liked some tweets from people that Vancouver fans would consider "undesirables" or something. We demand uniformity of opinion here after all. 

How dare you believe in anything other than what I believe! Bad!


.... :picard:

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4 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

With all of the toxic negativity around here lately, I'm just hoping they don't shut this forum down. The attacks on Tocchet are not fair. He was just hired this morning for crying out loud. Give them a chance. 

Who are “they”? The owners?

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18 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

Did y'all notice the guy who stayed on the bench with Bruce as he broke down?


(Sure....maybe some will chime in with "yeah but Bruce is part of why he's still here and he knows it". But, bottom line, JT's a guy who cares and this was his making a statement about his coach. Stand with him to the end...there's something admirable in that. Even IF it's because Bruce was a staunch supporter of JT...what goes around comes around stuff. It's important to me that he stood beside Bruce too).

I agree I noticed that too. Its like the Captain going down with the ship. Speaking of Captain............I didn't see him there beside the Coach anywhere? Hmmm.......

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17 minutes ago, John.Tallhouse said:

Honestly, why would we not just ride out the year with Bruce? We’re losing so well right now. Even if we don’t get Bedard, surely we’ll get some nice pieces to build with. Can’t wait to go on a 15 win streak and end up 5 points out of a playoff spot :blink:

100 percent agree.

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7 minutes ago, 204CanucksFan said:

I'm going to go against the grain here on CDC and look at these hires in a positive light. Too much negativity on here and around this team lately.


First, Tocchet is a terrible human and coach. What he has done very consistently over his career as a head coach though is reward whatever franchise hires him with consistently high draft picks.


Second, Foote has a very limited and mediocre track record as a head coach and the only reason he seems to of done it is so he could coach his son in the WHL, and who among us wouldn't take that opportunity if it presented itself. He does seem to have a decent record as a development coach for the Avs, which will hopefully work out well with all the young talent we get from the high picks Tocchet gets for us.


Third, Gonchar was a defensive coach for the Pens when they won back to back Stanley Cups in 2016 and 2017. That includes when he managed to win with a playoff defensive group consisting of Schultz, Cole, Daley, Dulomin, Maatta and Hainsey. So maybe he can actually teach a few of our defensemen and, maybe a even some forwards, to play proper defense. I mean, someone has to.

Good post man. 

you helped make me feel more optimistic. 

i especially like the part about tocchet and high draft picks but also the Gonchar part. Didn’t know gonchar coached the defense during their cup years. 

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2 minutes ago, RWJC said:

Then blame media because no one in the org straight up said we intend to fire Bruce at some point this season, Buuuuut, we really want to drag it out first. That’s horseshit. Fans are upset because the media preyed on this for so long that it hit driven into peoples heads that Bruce was being hard done by. The only truth to that perspective is that mgmt didn’t provide him enough tools. While that may be true, if you drive a vehicle that is finally proving its falling apart this year and about to be recycled,  you don’t go and rebuild the engine hoping that’s the problem solver.


This roster was reinvested into this offseason. Not in the areas folks had hoped for including myself, but money was spent to try and give Bruce some more advantage and options. But it’s a case of futility, and now we’re seeing the result of that.

Like I’ve said previously, this management has again chosen to ignore the real issues and double down on their false conviction that this collection of players they call a team is better than we’ve seen perform. 

sadly this team is NOT good enough. They’ve once again ignored the real issues. 

f**k this management that they take fans to be so stupid

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58 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

Gonchar and Foote good.  Tocchet bad 


They couldn't have just hired Gonchar and Foote for Boudreau?  Half of our entire defensive issues are due to them not retaining Shaw and Walker and replacing them with Dumb and Dumber thus ensuring our special teams and defensive game suffered.


The worst thing is, Tocchet is a known hard a$$ and may very well get that coaching bump that pushes us out of lottery contention.  Giving us another meh pick which we'll use to draft another small winger.


He'll work the players hard and demand accountability.  But this will also wear them down fast.  Most likely resulting in injuries.  Canuck Luck dictates those injuries will be to Horvat and Schenn possibly Kuzmenko who will then be ineligible for trades and will walk for nothing in the off season because we've no cap space to sign them.


Think this is far fetched?  It's literally happened twice already in the last 8 years.


The way this management group has treated future HoF coach Boudreau and us fans is honestly beyond disrespectful.  For all the grief we gave Benning, he at least treated people with respect and handled things with some level of dignity.


Like Foote.  Like Gonchar.  Hate this coaching change, the way it was handled and what it may result in.

I think Walker and Shaw left on their own accord.

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