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[Report] Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, Trent Cull; name Rick Tocchet as head coach, Adam Foote as assistant coach, Sergei Gonchar as defensive development coach

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1 minute ago, naslund.is.king said:

Well atleast stick around so we can not support this together

I've never seen canuck fans so aligned in regards to the state of the team

No point; I'll just find other things to do this season and eventually find a new team to support.  I'm done.

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1 minute ago, stawns said:

The only one I feel decent about is Gonchar as he was a cerebral player and one who came from the Soviet blue c era where systems were key.


Foote and Tocvhet we're emotional players and that seems more of the same from BB.  Both were dbag players too

I was hoping Gonchar was the main assistant. But he isn't i guess. Foote had a terrible run in junior coaching someone said. But i dunno 

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11 minutes ago, BertaNuck said:


Yeo and King survived ? 



I doubt they’re safe. Tocchet will likely use the remainder of the season to assess their work and decide if will stay for next season or get replaced.


It also makes some sense to keep a couple coaches around for continuity.


Plus, King coached the power play, which ranked 13th in the league over his tenure. Not great, but not really the problem either. Certainly better than the 31st ranked PK over the same period, or being 20th in points percentage, 21st in goals against, etc.


Yeo was a Rutherford hire. That probably buys him some time. 

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Gonchar is going to love working with Quinn Hughes.

The rest of the D group, not so much...


I do like the fact that they're all cup winners, though. 
Adam Foote doesn't have much of a coaching track-record, but he was one heck of a player.

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