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[Report] Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, Trent Cull; name Rick Tocchet as head coach, Adam Foote as assistant coach, Sergei Gonchar as defensive development coach

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Just now, Devron said:

What is the best way to watch ABby on TV? Is there a channel or crappy streaming?

I just paid for the Abby feed on ahltv.......just the reg season, but it was only $30 I think

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8 minutes ago, MaxVerstappen33 said:

I was hoping Gonchar was the main assistant. But he isn't i guess. Foote had a terrible run in junior coaching someone said. But i dunno 

Yes but Kelowna did not have a properly constructed roster.  Oh wait….:ph34r:

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This team has been hard to watch on the ice for a while. You know it’s bad when even this forum can agree on something. I’m a lifer but stockholm syndrome has set in pretty hard this year. My only hope is that somehow Petey and Quinn have been made untouchables in the locker room and the new coaching staff mandate is to piss off OEL, JT, and the rest of the overpaid dead weight to accept all trades or just retire. Sounds like a dream though. Not bad enough for Bedard and not good enough to win anything. The legacy of a Canucks fan. 

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