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[Report] Canucks fire Bruce Boudreau, Trent Cull; name Rick Tocchet as head coach, Adam Foote as assistant coach, Sergei Gonchar as defensive development coach

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1 minute ago, Muttley said:

Exactly what the game highlight packages are except nonstop. 

So on some of those highlight packs, the footage is so bad (far away)  you can't tell who's even carrying the puck - it's all like that?

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4 minutes ago, canuckfromlangley said:

We will get a bump in the standings but will be hard to tell if it's the weaker schedule the rest of the way. or the new hires. probably the weaker schedule.

The back half of the season has a far easier schedule with far weaker teams.  We are about to go on a massive run and end up with the 14th overall pick.

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Team tank is still alive. 

We keep the two assistant coaches who both are just the rear end of a donkey costume.. We bring in a HC and assistants who will focus the defensive game. Something we know this roster is not constructed for.... which will tank our offense.


We just need to start selling offense asap just to be sure though. Bo to Seattle ASAP and get rid of some wingers. We might need to embrace the rebuild regardless based on these interviews with the vet leaders. Nobody will want to sign here... 

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2 minutes ago, RWJC said:

I wonder if some of the posters here will redirect and be as self-loathing if proven wrong by these moves. If you’re not going to support the franchise because of this, then i politely wish you good riddance. No offense meant but very easy for people to get caught up in emotion and not think straight.

Years of ineptitude but the entire focus is on Bruce’s treatment. So easily forgotten how little heart this team has shown.
I understand it’s fresh and raw, but real fans will give this chaos a chance to sort itself out and perhaps/very hopefully  build a winner out of catastrophe or at very least some improvement. 

shit has gone down in a very distasteful manner but don’t lose sight that this club has gone through 53 years of mediocrity. 
we deserve better, even if it’s painful and pulls at the heartstrings to try and get there.




As I've said, I loathe tocchet, absolutely hate him.  But, if he can come in and implement a strong system and get this team playing some halfway decent defense then I'll swallow some of that loathing. 


I want my team to do well

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1 minute ago, RWJC said:

we deserve better,

Like better as in, move some payers out of here?

Agreed we do 'deserve' that, and more.


What we seem to get is nothing more than performance theater. Symbolism- they are making it look like they are actually doing something.

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