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Who will thrive and who won't survive under Rick?

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Simple question - with a complete change in structural philosophy, who will do well and who won't under Tocchet?


I think Myers will have a resurgence of his game and become solid defensively again as will OEL. Can't really get much worse but I think there's still some peak Myers in there and Rick will unlock it (already looks like he's paired with Hughes).


I think Miller will struggle to score to be honest and drop his points a fair bit as will Horvat.


I think Petey will drop a bit of offence but not really noticeably as will Hughes, their superstar skills will pull them through.

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7 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

I don't like convicted felons with mob ties. Sorry if you think this piece of $#!+ deserves to be treated with respect.  

For being part of a sports gambling ring. Who the hell cares? And the rumored mob ties were completely unsubstantiated.

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1 minute ago, BlakeQuinnAndEggs said:

If Rick Tocchet gets you to delete your account I'll consider this move a massive win for management 

For someone who seems to think he's real smart, it's weird that you still can't find the ignore button   Get an adult to show you sometime.

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1 minute ago, King Heffy said:

My race has absolutely nothing to do with this and frankly isn't up for public discussion.

where is there a mention of race in my comment. your entitled to your opinion, but it is just as toxic and the team right now. desi never said anything positive either.


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