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[GDT] Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Chicago Blackhawks(14-27-4) @ Vancouver Canucks(18-25-3) 7:00pm at Rogers Arena SNPTV SN650AM

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4 minutes ago, Plaguez said:

Wouldn't want to be Tocchet. A win here is a big meh because Hawks suck. A loss and the stories will be less than flattering.


Another loss is better for our lottery chances so I'm hoping for a good solid loss.

Tocchet may last 2 years but Bedard is forever. ::D

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7 hours ago, Muttley said:

There is muscle & brawn available should one feel their team needs such a thing.


Nah sucker punches should be removed from the game. That was dirty AF 

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43 minutes ago, Alflives said:

I’m very confident we will extend Bo.  When gave we traded a key core guy, who is in his prime, at a TDL?  Certainly not during this owner.  IMHAO the direction from our owner is still the same. 

i hate that youre probably right about this

if true, we arrive back next year with materially the same group

and no fix on D

and JR/PA will be dumbfounded as to why we cant keep the puck out of our net


only one way out of this mess, and its to rip a big fard for bedard

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5 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

He said he’s “not the smartest guy in the room” and then said he’s not either.


That’s not really an insult. Anybody with an ounce of humility wouldn’t be offended by that saying.


If people are gonna quote other people at least use the full quote. That’s what Drance does and it’s annoying.

Put him on the Jeff Patterson “No Fly” list.

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1 hour ago, Provost said:

Have you not been paying attention?


Assumptions Dont Assume GIF by SoulPancaketoo much…

what are you taking about?


JR even said facetiously “I thought we were tanking”


Tochett (paraphrasing) “ My focus is process (not necessarily results)”


”Have you not been paying attention?” 

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