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[GDT] Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Chicago Blackhawks(14-27-4) @ Vancouver Canucks(18-25-3) 7:00pm at Rogers Arena SNPTV SN650AM

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2 minutes ago, RU SERIOUS said:

I think it's supposed to be a metaphor comparing Elephants fear of mice to Patrick Alvin being afraid to face Canucks fans.   But not 100% sure.....

Why are elephants scared of mice? | IST Elementary TwIST Timesimage.jpeg.fb92017e1df82ffdc6c0b899207ad15d.jpegimage.jpeg.748b8751937b63676d56f40471efab5c.jpegimage.jpeg.b3c8e7553ff64a1dcb90db60e638985f.jpeg

I thought this was about the “Elephant in the room” idiom?

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