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[GDT] Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Chicago Blackhawks(14-27-4) @ Vancouver Canucks(18-25-3) 7:00pm at Rogers Arena SNPTV SN650AM

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7 minutes ago, Putgolzin said:

If it were 2011 again - which D do you like better?


Ohlund Hamhuis

Ehrhoff Bieksa

Ballard Salo




Gonchar Foote

OEL Schenn

------ Myers

2011 specifically, our group. 
Foote's career was pretty much over and Gonchar was on the decline. OEL was in his sophomore season. 

Our guys were really solid.

Edit: it was Tanev, not Ohlund, btw

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53 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

What worries me, is doesn't management see the problems already??? You need a coach to tell you what is wrong? 

Of course they do...we all do, but recognizing it and implementing it are 2 different things.  We'll see if Tocchet

can carry it out.  Tough task considering how long this team has been playing dysfunctional hockey.


I think we are looking at a 'slow start' coach bump over the next couple of months, placing the team in the

double-digit picks at the draft.  Hopefully they can pick up another 1st round pick in a trade.

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Its going to be interesting to see who puts in the effort tonight and who remains "status quo". Its also going to be interesting to see a team without favorites and mostly rolling four lines. Would like to see if Tocchet plays the hot hands too and rewards those who are having good games with more ice time.

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2 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:


So this is why we made the coaching change now. Bruce was doing too well against Chicago. We have all the excuses for a loss now (not enough practice time, new systems, etc)


3D chess move by management for the tank again boys!

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