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Who would replace Tyler Myers if he is traded/bought out?

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I have heard a very common narrative that Tyler Myers is one of the main issues with our team, and that he's been an anchor on D in a bad way. 


I personally feel that Tyler Myers is a top 4 D man - big, right handed, mobile, and can be offensive at times (he has flashes where I always think... why doesn't he do that more often?!). Sure he makes erratic plays from time-to-time, and who could forget the bubble playoffs where he would take 2-3 penalties per game (hence the name Tyler Minors.. loved that lol). 


But my question is this: if Myers is traded or bought out, who all of a sudden comes in and replaces him? Sure, $6 million in cap space opens up. Gudbranson got $4m on the open market, clearly RHD aren't cheap. So CDC, what would you do? Or keep the following: 


Hughes - Schenn 

OEL - Bear 

Dermott - Borroughs 


Personally I feel an OEL buyout would make more sense - easier to find LHD than RHD. And maybe next year Rathbone can stick with the team and Dermott moves up to the 2nd pairing. 

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1 minute ago, DownUndaCanuck said:

I'll believe it when I see it, we were supposed to get one in a trade from Miller, the Boeser, then the offseason...

Don't worry, management believe in the players, it was just the structure that was the issue...

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12 minutes ago, smithers joe said:

retain 50% of his cap hit and trade him. for a 3rd round pick.

No reason to move him before this summer. We're not making the playoffs. I don't want his cap hit hanging around next season if it can be avoided. I think there will be 2 or 3 teams this summer who will be willing to take his contract once his 5 million signing bonus is paid. The idea of eating up 6 million in cap space while only spending 1 million will be attractive to teams like Arizona who don't want to be above the floor for another couple of years and they want to spend under it if they can arrange it.

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