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Our Bruce found a new job!!!

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I'm still holding out for the Leafs to choke in the first round, Sheldon Keefe to be canned, and Bruce to be hired to fulfill a lifelong dream of coaching his beloved Leafs. I will cheer for Bruce, even at the same time I am cursing the Leafs.

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Just now, jyu said:

OK. So, here we are concerned with and celebrating the employment of a coach who made 2 million dollars for the last two years and probably have made 10+ million dollars over the last 15 years.


so whats your point?

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18 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

I think you're overlooking that it's not just about money...it's about pride and dignity.


Being let go from a job hurts....it's easy to wallow around in self pity but the fact that he's getting right back out there is good news. 


Today is a day in particular that we should really pause and think about people's mental state and well being...not just how much $$ they make.

Yes. I am happy for him.


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