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[Waivers] Matthew Peca

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So disappointed when we traded him, (Mike Peca) had been waiting and working so hard to crack the Canuck line up,.   He delivered ..  looked like a “Smyl” type player, played hard and determined.

Not many remember him sitting in the press box for the Stanley Cup Final against NYR .

Our Black Ace (Peca) said he had a dream where he played and scored .


In the Final game Ronning played with what was apparently a cracked wrist or fingers,.  He  didn’t want to give up his spot,  on 2 or 3 occasions Ronning couldn’t shoot into a wide open net , no strength.

Peca watched from the press box.


I’m still shaking my head over Ronning being so selfish to play,.  His contributions to that point were amazing,     But that washed them all away.

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Our senile GM Rutherford to Allvin "Get Peca, Foote, Tocchet, Gonchar, Now! We need their tenacity on the ice" Allvin, "Done". Rutherford a few days later. "Wait, what?"















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Oh, I loved Peca as a young ‘un. I remember how excited I was when I heard we traded for Mogilny, until I heard who went back the other way.


A classic example of choosing the shiny offensive toy rather than defensive skill and character. 

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