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Management On Trades, TDL and Team Revision Fast "Build" if They (Will) Retain

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On 2/4/2023 at 2:58 AM, RU SERIOUS said:

Myers will NOT be in a canucks uniform next year - come hell or high water - it will never happen.  He's either dumped for nothing (possibly with some $ retention), or he'll be bought-out. You heard it here first!   He and OEL are at the root of our teams defensive rot & decay

I agree he’s someone they want to find a way to move, but definitely not a buyout. They only save 333k - they’d be better off capwise just sending him to abby. 

i won’t be surprised if he’s around until next year’s tdl - he’d be worth something at that point if there are not any takers this summer.

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  • ToTellTheTruth changed the title to Management On Trades, Team Revision Fast "Build" They Will Retain

Rutherford could be right, they could redo this team in short order as long as they don't stop and sit on their hands after three or four trades. 


Just a quickie;


Boeser for Mantha and a 2nd, Mantha a future trade asset after next year if he isn't what the team needs but he is big and a winger, Minny, Greenway


Puljujarvi for Dries or another low salary 3rd/4th liner, they have no cap space but there is still player potential in JP


Demko maybe even at the draft or summer for in a Columbus trade - Jirieck, or LA for Peterson (cap dump but maybe Ian Clarke can....), Brandt Clarke and Grans maybe need a little sweetener, Rathbone? Both teams will need a top goalie because they are well ahead of the Canucks in their windows and both have a multitude of young players already on the team so no real loss of existing team parts. They are not counting on what is in the far they already have their players and are close to being capped out with new contracts.


Schenn to any team for a pick AND prospect, he is the third highest scoring RHD that might be available, the league leader in hit, two rings, great in the room, fights and doesn't take many penalties. Even as a rental he has very high value.


I didn't include Garland or Miller but they could be on the move, preferably. Vegas, Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Detroit, 


AND the one everyone hates again but remember this is a losing team; that without a trade like this could waste away Pettersson's prime years.


QH to NJD for 2023 1rst or 2025, Siegenthaler, Bahl, the Canucks 2019 pick, Mukhamadulin, they gain the added marque value of 3 brothers all on the same team, I don't think even the Sutters accomplished that. This trade would not deplete NJD's defence prospect pool either they still have more on the farm and the team is young enough now that they could have 4 years to replace any or some of these.


Resign Schenn in summer for term and a raise, say 4 years at 3 mil with a NMC


Sign Tryamkin in summer or sooner. 3/4 years at similar or a bit more but without the clause


The defence could certainly look different;


Myers 6'8", OEL 6'2", Schenn 6'2", Sieg 6'3", Jiri 6'3" or Clarke 6'2", Bahl 6'6", Muk 6'4", Tryamkin 6'8" all over 6'1" Defense depth taken care of and still assets for trades. Not a defence that will be pushed around and that will help any goalie. IF needed Rathbone plays a little like Hughes and OEL was the prime PP Qback in Arizona he might rebound with lesser minutes.


All the new guys combined cost slightly more than the same as QH so massive cap savings.


Suddenly a buyout of OEL becomes affordable due to the years of these players being under cap control if needed


Not all will be good enough but with sharp trading they can be moved before the prove they can't play, sooner than waiting to confirm like the team did with Juloevi


And then there are the draft picks in a deep forward draft.


The team would still have many trade assets and some cup winning vets on the team if Schenn comes back


I would not hesitate to keep Pearson as a vet that shows how to be a defensive forward for the kids and if a need then the TDL.


To achieve a turn over like this even sacrificing some 2024 draft picks, not all, and later round 2025's because most of these will be around for 5+ years if they make the muster.


People always say they won't do that, but then watch a several teams make moves similar but one team at a time.


Enough assets to make a good offer for Dubois. The thing is they did enough to earn a seat at the table and could be in the game. Miller and Garland with a 2024 1rst for Dubois with the pick being conditional, if he signs with the Canucks it's a first and if not then it is a 2024 2nd. Even retain a small amount, say 10% on both contracts. Winnipeg get two players with term and both can play in the right age window.


Defence taken care of with depth

Top six filled out

3rd line set 

But relying on Ian Clarke to do another miracle, but with improved defence that might not be a huge issue remember Kay Whitmore won over 30 games with a good defence in front of him



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  • ToTellTheTruth changed the title to Management On Trades, TDL and Team Revision Fast "Build" if They (Will) Retain

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