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6 minutes ago, iceman64 said:

In YOUR "opinion" and if you actually know shi* which I doubt...  Especially since he carried the team last season before everything went sideways, easy to lose a bit of heart when your the one showing up usually for almost every game. You'd lose some too the next season when the whole team can't be bothered to try hard with a few exceptions. 

It is my opinion ( that’s what discussion boards are)lol. just like it’s yours that he carried the team. And hes only taken a few games off like all of this season he cares so much he’s been called out for being lazy. He’s been horrendous defensively when he does decide to come back. 
new coach so  he’ll “try to be better” 

But he’s the only one showing up because no one else on the team had heart …hahahahaha goodone. 






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