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Immovable object to unstoppable force [Proposal]

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To Boston Brock Boeser 6.65m x 2.5 years

To Van Mike Reilly 3m 1 year left + Chris Wagner 1.35m expiring + Strallman 1m expiring + 2025 2nd + Beecher


We take 5.35m off their hands that they have tied up in the minors. They get Brock for 1.3m this year 3.65 next and full meal the year after.  He very likely could rebound for the Bruins and make this a huge win for them. We clear the cap necessary to sign Bo and gain a distant future 2nd which could be timed about right to be a valuable trade chip if we are able to turn the corner on this re tool. As well as add a big boi in Beecher who maybe fits in our bottom 6 one day if he continues to work on the details in the AHL. For what it's worth I liked him at the pick he was taken in his draft year.



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Not really sure if I get why some pieces are involved, like are the 2nd and Beecher the cost to get Boeser, and we take them as a sweetener for Reilly?  (Also not sure why they wouldn't just let Wagner and Stralman's deals expire).

For us, if Beecher can be that strong defensive 3rd line C, then sure?  For them I'm not sure why they do it though.  Pasta, Krejci, Bergeron are all UFA and the latter two might retire, leaving them with no top-6 C depth (unless they trust Zacha up the middle full-time).  Tying that much cap on a young "potential" player in Boeser seems risky when they need to re-sign or replace those 3, Swayman, Craig Smith and some other veteran toughness.

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