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Do you trust Rutherford?

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If he keeps up his blockbuster trades, we could either see an unexpected upgrade or regression with this Trader Jim.
He's definitely good at finding guys to fit needed roles (e.g. Neal out for Hornqvist, getting Kessel), though he's also made a bunch of bust trades.  It does look like he's very good at finding the core that he wants to build around and then moving pieces around to bolster it, so hopefully he can make it work around Petey, Hughes, Demko, and now likely including Miller and OEL in that nucleus group.  He DOES have a lot of ammo to make trades e.g. with their big ticket roster players, so I hope it just works out well.

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Rutherford is easy to blame for everything, but he's not doing this job by himself. Took them a year to assess, and build the management and coaching staff, and here we are. 


I trust the management and coaching staff that is in place, so far.  I am glad they brought in proven winners this time, so that makes me optimistic.  They want to win. Why would I hate that? The proof will be in the pudding though.


IMO, if they re-sign Horvat and can't trade Boeser (and others) at this TDL, then my opinion will change and that optimism will vanish. 


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There are at least 15 other GM's worse then them. Probably more. We may not like the process but I think he will get us there if he can stay sharp. Which he appears to be. Alvin seems to be finally wearing the gm pants with some authority so I think we might be ok. 

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